posted May 1st, 2015

In September of 2014, the world was ushered into Bonnie "Prince' Billy's magnificent album, Singer's Grave a Sea of Tongues.While this new record was absorbed and adored by fans and critics alike, we couldn't help but notice that something was missing from the conversation, something that not even the most astute punter and/or journalist seemed to decipher and/or fully explicate. It involves weird science; issues with wormholes and historical contexts, and thus, a video has been prepared and is now being provided, featuring members of the scientific community to further identify strange phenomena in this music.

Since the nature of these sciences, -ologies and -isms aren't at all our stock in trade (we're just a song-and-dance man), we've employed some professionals to put this muso-conceptual coup into an acceptable context for laymen and acadames alike! Understanding the ephemeral nature of time, you will not be able to un-know the information in the video you are about to see - it will remain a part of your "self" in whatever form it eventually assumes.

There ya have it: while Singer's Grave a Sea Of Tongues is its OWN album, it is simultaneously an alternate-reality version of Bonnie's previous full-length, Wolfroy Goes To Town. In these two distinct settings, the songs inflect different aspects of their shifting inner meanings while reiterating certain details that may or may not be alluded to as "empirically" true. Take, for example, the 2011:

and 2014:

versions of the "Quail and Dumplings" video. Though separated by three years, how dissimilar are they, really? Do they not share the same director? Are they not cast with the same players? Do they not share an aquatic setting? This is not simply a premeditated approach to staging two different renditions of the same tune. The renditions and the song itself share something in their unconscious state, and yet, this essence may emerge differently under different circumstances. It is of course true that songs=songs, and music=music to a certain absolute degree - but consider the eternal debate over man's perception of ghosts, the nature of deja vu and speculation over the time-line of God himself! These and a hundred other examples provide proof that we don't consider ourselves alone; instead, we perceive the presence of unknown powers and energies as we trudge through the otherwise-banal steps of our existence. When one considers this in the light of Bonny's tradition as a channel for spiritual forces, it makes Singer's Grave a Sea of Tongues an ultimate Bonnie 'Prince' album, on paper alone!

While there is a potential of this affecting your enjoyment of Singer's Grave a Sea of Tongues, we are confident that the compelling music of its songs will NEVER be crushed by the heady theoretical foundation therein -instead, this knowledge can and should act as a key to further dimensional transportation. Let the lives of alternative realities inform ALL that you do! So saith the 'Prince'.

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