posted May 8th, 2015

Just like the era that it recalls, the White Glove Test: Louisville Punk Flyers 1978-1994 exhibit at Louisville's Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft is coming to an inevitable end! Extended through this weekend due to (obvs) popular demand, it's a testament to the deeply influential, musical richness that has coursed through the town's veins since the onset of the 70s punk movement. Gallery exhibits are like scenes; they have to end sometime - but the images which make this exhibit so exciting live on in the book, White Glove Test: Louisville Punk Flyers 1978-1994, just released on April 24th. Those images, of course, are the amazing show flyers collected by people who were there, when these shows actually happened. As a chronological history, White Glove Test details the scene itself and the many seminal bands that carried it - from Babylon Dance Band, The Endtables, Slint, Squirrel Bait, Palace, and onward - while also show-casing the evolving styles and advancement in flyer-making. Handmade one-offs, stencil, screen printing, and xerox are all present, their mark as indicative of punk fertility in any town as the music itself. Dense, provocative, and unique, the imagery is an essential relic of the movement and evolution of DIY music and culture in a community flush with it. White Glove Test provides the urgent rush without the need for wheat paste or a staple gun - grab your copy today

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