posted May 13th, 2015

Elisa Ambrogio's solo debut, The Immoralist is an imposing album, dealing with the explorations of the esoteric--- that of Faustian spirits, sloppy black magik, superstitions, and obsessions with water! Equipped with numerous tricks up her sleeve, Elisa tagged director Amy Scott to make a brilliant new video for one of The Immoralist's highlights, "Arkansas"! Enigmatic things always seem to happen down by the river (at least Elisa didn't shoot anyone dead...that we know of) and the video for  "Arkansas" is no different!

"Arkansas" (which premiered via T Mag yesterday) begins with a cello's slow burn and hallucinatory vocal harmonies, giving way to the slow waltz of Elisa's voice in a fixed state of fantasy, reverence and awe. Accompanied by Amy Scott's superlative imagery, with lush greens and warm shadows abound, the video for "Arkansas" features not just Elisa, but Two Lane Blacktop director and elusive gentleman Monte Hellman, as well! Yes, you read that correctly,  Ms. Ambrogio consorts with vintage Mr. Hellman near bodies of water- why are you still reading this and not watching this video? Do it now, watch Elisa's odyssey into the ephemeral and unknown in "Arkansas"!

Elisa has a couple of upcoming dates on the East Coast, don't miss out!

5/17/15 @ 3S Artspace in Portsmouth, NH 
5/29/15 @ The Bell House in Brooklyn, NY
6/14/15 @ The Thing in the Spring in Peterborough, NH

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