posted May 19th, 2015

Along with the utterly jaw-rippin' insta-riffic Simple Songs currently bolting out of stores and onto turntables the globe over, we're also reflecting on the Jim O'Rourke of yore, reexaming former chapters from What Would J.O. Do? (The big book of Jim!) - and what's this? Selling a few choice pages as digital files! Wow. Not only can you finally "pick up" Eureka, et al, for your dadburned computer deevice, you can also indulge catalog and mouse games of two other mighty O'Outfits: Gastr Del Sol and Loose Fur!

Gastr (O'Rourke partnered with David Grubbs) were a group that served as a library for the curious listener: each album was stuffed with disparate worlds of sound.  If you paid attention, they'd turn you on, and once lit, you were subject to a world of inferences and inflences -  everything from Derek Bailey to Merzbow to Jack Nitzsche (Grubbs and O'Rourke also championed their inspirations through their reissue imprint, dexter's cigar).  The records were celebrations of possibility; adventurous fantasy collaborations built from voracious ingestion of records upon records, reconfigured and superimposed over each other at odd and hilarious angles.  From the slippery guitar-centric debut of the collaboration, Crookt Crackt or Fly on through their somehow listener-friendly farewell, Camoufleur, this is a sound that should be no stranger to your ears, young pups, so dig these digital replicas!

On the other end of this spectrum is Loose Fur, where Jimbo paired up with boogie brethren Glenn Kotche and Jeff Tweedy (both of whom had played with him on Insignificance), to cut some of the most ROCK jams he's ever had the pleasure to groove with.  Their two long players, the first self-titled and the second called Born Again In The USA, find these three longtime cohorts stretching their wings collectively and going for it w/ everything from epic Kraut-y jams to tricky 10cc gems. Today we rock into the "future": click now (get em from us, preferably, but if you're controlled by "the man," they're incredibly also available from digital monoliths, iTunes and Amazon) or forever hold your piece!

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