posted May 28th, 2015

Natural Information Society, like their partners in time Bitchin Bajas, live their days in flow motion. Rhythms come and go, instruments sound as a means to a greater end. Music is the way of their life. Their debut convergence, Automaginary, feels as natural as it does inevitable. Both groups were first heard in 2010, both emerging from solo endeavors that accessed a vastness, more room than a single player might ultimately fill - a place then for fellow travelers! Joshua Abrams, a questing bassist and improviser by trade, with an extensive discography of solo recordings and collaborations with a wide variety of artists, formed Natural Information Society as a conduit for the live presentation of his guimbri music. Cooper Crain of CAVE started the Bajas to explore his fascination with vintage electronics, recording techniques and ultimately expanded the sonic adventure to include more participants in a group setting.

Both Natural Information Society and Bitchin Bajas are in pursuit of the unconscious in their musical expression, and through their independent methods, both have ridden the wind to unseen places, using the playing as the carpet that will take them there. A multitude of influences swarm amoebically in their sounds, from the mud of ancient Afro-groove to 20th-century classical austerity, from the clatter of freedom jazz to the 4/4 of kraut and disco and fusion beyond - and then beyond the music and into the air. Where the maximalist proportion of Natural Information Society's sextet jams with the plascent minimalism of Bitchin Bajas, the inevitable conclusion makes MORE and LESS happen at the same time, all the time, transcending time and space by participating in it.

Wrapped up in a screen-printed jacket from visual artist Lisa Alvarado, whose aesthetic sense is a touchstone for the vision of Natural Information Society, Automaginary is psychedelic and ambient and jazz - yet none of it either, the whole being more than the sum of former parts. This is music of unique variance, a remarkably perfect congregation of the two tribes that are Natural Information Society & Bitchin Bajas. Come take a walk on the astral plane and dig the sounds of collaborative exploration of Automaginary on August 28!

Artists in this story: Bitchin Bajas, Natural Information Society