posted May 29th, 2015

Enfants, kids and kinder alike! The coming summer has the makings for something distinctly scuzzy, don't it? The air is thick, humid and pollinated, and the ground rots with fresh road kill. It's no coincidence; Dead Rider have packed up ample ammunition, cleaned the motor, and stolen enough fuel for their war truck to make hay of the European tour circuit. Chills On Glass never sounded so sickly sweet as it does now with a 12-ish month under it's tautly-cinched belt, and the release of the "New End" b/w "Uncomfy" single just weeks ago is a true, vaporous rose protruding violently from beneath the Earth's fetid surface. It's about time this rock n' roll band allow their presence to be felt in outside of North America, and feel it the ye shall - Dead Rider come for you with organic and synthetic sound blasts, touring Europe with feverishly focused bombast for the almost-entirety of the month of June. EU ride out, and help your damned selves to the hottest live show around, starting next week!

5/29/15 Hideout Chicago IL
6/4/15 Loppen Copenhagen Denmark
6/5/15 Hafenklang Hamburg Germany
6/6/15 Discorporate Festival Dresden Germany
6/7/15 Andel Music Bar Plzen Czech Republic
6/8/15 Rhiz Vienna Austria
6/10/15 Cave 12 Geneva Switzerland
6/11/15 Bolognetti Rocks Bologna Italy
6/12/15 Bianconiglio Vittorio Venetto Italy
6/13/15 Pastificio Elettrico Arezzo Italy
6/15/15 Périscope Lyon France
6/16/15 Espace B Paris France
6/17/15 Shacklewell Arms London United Kingdom
6/18/15 Bloc + Glasgow United Kingdom
6/19/15 Sneaky Pete's Edinburgh United Kingdom
6/20/15 Whelan's Dublin Ireland
6/21/15 Roisin Dubh Galway Ireland
6/22/15 The Exchange Bristol United Kingdom
6/23/15 Magasin 4 Brussels Belgium
6/24/15 La Malterie Lille France
6/26/15 Le Grattoir Gerardmer France
6/27/15 Fusion Festival Larz Germany
8/8/15 ESS Chicago IL

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