posted June 11th, 2015

Looking for a little more rock and, yes, roll in your life? You need look no further than Frederick Michael St. Jude’s GANG WAR!  This totally KILLER post-apocalyptic rock opera was first offered to the world in a cut-down, 7" EP form back in 1982. The world wasn't ready! Fortunately, this classic music was reintroduced to countless ears by yours truly, Drag City, back in March of this year - what's 33 years, when it comes to classic ROCK?!? FM St. Jude’s musical conception of humankind's ominous future is an amalgamation of 70s-80s musical styles - ranging from glam and power pop to arena rock. FM’s incendiary vision has struck a chord with many chord with many of us who rock, but one particular fan has taken his interest to the NEXT LEVEL! Who is the fan, you ask? None other than the legend himself, Henry Rollins! While he’s taking a break from acting, performing, writing and wrestling poisonous snakes (have you SEEN Animal Underworld?), Henry can be found on the airwaves, hosting his own show on KCRW. Coming up next week, the latest episode of Henry on the Radio will feature an FULL SET of the show dedicated to the truly lost-and-found treasure that is GANG WAR! In fact, GANG WAR will be played in its entirety, interspersed with astute running commertary from Sir Henry (or Hank, as we will NEVER call him to his face). Exciting as all of this is, there’s more! Rollins also interviewed FM about his prophetic vision for GANG WAR, how it was recorded and the whole story about how he tried to spread the word about GANG WAR and how it came to no avail - until NOW. Noisey has the scoop, compiled in a two part series, so definitely check it out and get the scoop.

And while you might think the idea of Rollins backing FM so hard is kind of strange, just remember; Freddie St. Jude was writing anthems of teenage alienation when Henry was still in short pants! FM's realized cries of rebellion need to be heard, GANG WAR’s final arrival should be  triumphant!

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