posted June 24th, 2015

Hurk! What larks beneath this surface or beyond that corner? It’s Wolfroy himself, big ol' Bonny Billy, set to satiate our needing minds and souls with a a howl and a song holler from deep within! Over the ridge of the far valleys, he's heard our hungry cry: we want the Bonnie 'Prince' Billy word and we want Now! After spending much of last year performing solo, lone-wolf-style, our Bonny no longer walks that solitudinal road, nope! In aught-fifteen, he's back for dates with a full-on backing band! The 'Prince' finna hit up the Midwest next month for two massive shows, with frequent stable-mates Faun Fables opening the proceedings. Then, its Bon-voyagie to Europe! Hey! Bonny brings the joys of song, singing and playing in open spaces, with instruments and harmonies provided by the company of friends, all the way to Austria and Switzerland! If we've told you once, we've told you a thousand times - Bonnie sings for who he is, for who he will be and for all of us in time  - which is to say, these shows are not to be missed!

It’s summer, huh! Cut out the soles of your shoes, sit in a tree and learn to play the flute! Or better yet, lather up GOOD with some sunscreen and lively yourself UP with Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy!


7/15/15 @ Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, IL *

7/16/15 @ Bell's Brewery  in Kalamazoo, MI *                      

7/23/15 @ Conrad Sohm in Dornbirn, Austria #

7/24/15 @  Lakeside Festival in Sittersdorf , Austria

7/25 @ Arena in Vienna, Austria #

7/26 @ Rosengarten in Linz #

7/27 @ Kaufleuten in Zurich, Switzerland #

*w/ Faun Fables

# w/ Lutto Lento and Piotr Kurek


Danny Kiely : bass and harmony singing
Van Campbell: drums
Drew Miller: sax
Chris "Roadie" Rodahaffer: guitar

(above photo by Elsa Hansen)

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