posted July 9th, 2015

Deep within time and space lie moments that confound our basic understanding of all things that move forward in a linear motion. Something thought lost forever re-enters your life. How do you respond? How do you even begin to negotiate the vortex of mixed emotions whipped up by such a reappearance? The world shifts sideways. Logic is confounded. The uncanny takes a hold.

Flying Saucer Attack are case in point, confounding this very logic and spiraling the most hardened listener into an emotional awakening bordering and blending with the spiritual. Historically encompassing yet transcending psychedelic, noise, and avant-garde music, the trail of FSA releases left on this planet over the years are artifacts of very close, significant encounters with a distinctive musical voice that is alien yet always easily identifiable. And now comes Instrumentals 2015- just when the feeling seemed to have retreated to the backdrop of our sub-conscience, it returns stronger than ever, seeping chemicals from the pineal gland like a freshly flowing, subterranean river.

Instrumentals 2015's idiosyncratic,windblown drift and dreamlike melancholy is filtered through a new lens, one that is audibly visible to the sighted and sightless in a way that was once too opaque to express. After more than a decade since we last heard  Flying Saucer Attack, the latest phase is finally apparent, unveiling itself as a warm, audible embrace that reveals new layers from within and without with each listen.

But hey - don't take our word for it, lie back and listen for yourself! It's just a click away; Flying Saucer Attack's new album, Instrumentals 2015, is streaming in it's entirety via NPR First Listen from now until it's release date, July 17th!

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