posted July 22nd, 2015

When news first dropped of Alasdair Roberts' fall 2015 European tour, we thought the bloke might be spending his summer off (as is common in his parts) resting up for the occassion. Aye, wrong we were! Ali's got a motor that was built for longevity (hence the hundred-year old songs, not to mention the hundred-MINUTE ones!), so why in the world would he spend August on a beach when he can spend it touring the UK, performing solo, with his Glaswegian brethren, Trembling Bells, riding shotgun? Or dropping his ancient-ageless trad-wisdom on the punters of Green Man? These are the true days of Alasdair's life, not fantastical tales of dream-scenarios and what ifs! The fire burns bright all year long in celebration of the newest, self-titled Alasdair Roberts album - even when it burns in spooky moonlit darkness, as the vid for "In Dispraise of Hunger" showed us. As 2015 succumbs to its middle ages, don't it comfort you too to know that its golden years will overseen by exuberant Scottish folk? To commemorate this tour with Trembling Bells, Alasdair has collaborated with them on a brand new version of his old classic, "Coral and Tar", which you can listen to here!  Have a pint of that and be sure to scribble the below Alasdair Roberts tour dates into the parchment pages of your diary, now!

8/9/15 Hyde Park Picture House Leeds United Kingdom w/ Trembling Bells and The Horse Loom

8/10/15 The Musician Leicester United Kingdom w/ Trembling Bells

8/11/15 The Basement (York) York United Kingdom w/ Trembling Bells and The Horse Loom

8/12/15 The Continental Pub Preston United Kingdom w/ Trembling Bells and The Horse Loom

8/14/15 The Glad Cafe Glasgow United Kingdom w/ Trembling Bells and The Horse Loom

8/20/15 Delius Arts and Cultural Centre Bradford United Kingdom

8/21/15 Green Man Festival Brecon Beacons United Kingdom

8/22/15 Stephenson Boiler Shop Newcastle-Upon-Tyne United Kingdom Home Gathering (one-day festival curated by The Unthanks)

8/28/15 Nottingham Playhouse Nottingham United Kingdom

8/29/15 Shambala Festival Northampton United Kingdom

10/2/15 La Parfumerie Geneva Switzerland

10/3/15 Handelsbeurs Ghent Belgium

10/4/15 Kloveniersdoelen Middelburg Netherlands

10/5/15 dB's Studios Utrecht Netherlands

10/6/15 Haldern Pop Bar Haldern Germany

10/7/15 Monarch Berlin Germany

10/8/15 Musikbunker Aachen Germany

10/9/15 Sparte 4 Saarbruecken Germany

10/10/15 Manufaktur Schorndorf Germany

10/11/15 White Rabbit Freiburg Germany

10/12/15 Rhiz Vienna Austria

10/13/15 KC Grade Belgrade Serbia

10/14/15 Mochvara Zagreb Croatia

10/15/15 Unter Deck Munich Germany

10/18/15 Stuk Leuven Belgium

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