posted July 30th, 2015

If you're looking to cure the summertime blues with some fodder for your noggin' AND you live on the West Coast - GOOD NEWS! Ben Chasny will be in selected coastal towns playing acoustic Hexadic music, as well as lecturing on The Hexadic System at bookstores in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles!

Chasny conceived of The Hexadic System as a new approach to playing and composing music, using it to create Six Organs of Admittance's Hexadic album, released in February of this year. Since then, Ben and Drag City Press have published The Hexadic System, a scholarly book that approaches guitar composition using chance and combinatorial operations crossed with relevant philosophical and occult treatises from history. A deck of corresponding Hexadic playing cards was also created, with which you can utilize elements of the system OR play regular parlor (drinking) games! Simple. The Hexadic System was developed to help composers explore new tonal possibilities, and given the evidence already provided by 600A's Hexadic album and the incredible response from a fervent base of guitar innovators, it's working! Even if you're not a guitar god, these Hexadic lectures will engage anyone with an interest in philosophy, literature, and especially, music!

The first of their kind in the USA, The Hexadic System book talks may be music-free, but fret not: traditional Six O musical performances are part of the trip at separate venues in the same towns. Notably, they'll mark the premiere of Hexadic acoustic material, an album of which is slated for release later this year! 

Come for the music, stay for the concepts, and watch as Ben Chasny pushes away native instinct and addresses the nature of decision making - with guitar in one hand and freshly reprinted books and cards in the other!

8/20/15 at Flutter in Portland, OR *                     

8/21/15 at White Eagle Saloon in Portland, OR                         

8/22/15 at Fremont Abbey Arts Center in Seattle, WA                        

8/23/15 at Pegasus Book Exchange in Seattle, WA*                     

8/25/15 at Green Apple Books in San Francisco, CA*                       

8/26/15 at The Chapel in San Francisco, CA                         

8/27/15 at Don Quixote's International Music Hall in Santa Cruz, CA              

8/28/15 at Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles, CA                         

8/29/15 at The Last Book Store in Los Angeles, CA*

* Book Talk explaining The Hexadic System

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