posted August 6th, 2015

What's more all-American than a hamburger? Neil Hamburger, of course! This month, America's Funnyman is making the rounds at a dirty (but laff-filled) dive bar near you! That's right; the world's hardest working comedian is headed out on the road again, delivering all-new jokes alongside his classic routines, which over the years have produced side-splitting laughter (as well as rage from some paying customers who don't appear to understand what "comedy" is...fucking assholes!)! Neil's latest effort, First of Dismay, merged jocular comedy segments with spirited-yet-somehow-melancholy musical numbers, always a pure recipe for success! He's been to places as diverse as Australia, Scotland, England, and even Malaysia  - so why not bring Neil's act to your bodunk town!? With all the time he's put in, he's bound to end up in the National Comedy Hall of Fame ® (located in St. Petersburg, Florida), so don't pass up the opportunity to see this future first-ballot hall-of-famer live!

Believe it or not, there's even MORE exciting news in Hamburger-world! This Saturday pulls back the curtain with a poignant and engrossing new film, Entertainment! Directed by Rick Alverson and starring Gregg Turkington as Neil Hamburger, Entertainment is a introspective portrait of a small time performer and is currently receiving rave reviews! The film will be screened at Sundance's NextFest, in Los Angeles, at Theatre at Ace Hotel along with selected locations listed below. But what if you're living in a place that doesn't currently have access to this USDA- Approved performance of Neil Hamburger on the big screen or a live setting? Well, beginning on November 13th Entertainment will "go wide," playing in nearly a dozen cities! At that same time, it'll also be available on VOD and iTunes, for all the agoraphobic Neil Hamburger fans (yes, we read ALL Neil's fan mail)!

These live dates are coming up fast; you can almost hear the sound of laughter, ice cubes clinking in glasses and the phlegm expelling from Neil's throat! Don't miss out.

8/8/15 at Theatre at Ace Hotel in Los Angeles, CA*

8/21/15 at The Cedar in Minneapolis, MN                       

8/22/15 at The Aquarium in Fargo, ND                         

8/30/15 at The Satellite in Los Angeles, CA                         

9/23/15 at The Drop Comedy Club in South Bend, IN                         

9/24/15 at Majestic Theatre in Madison, WI                         

9/25/15 at Club Garibaldi's in Milwaukee, WI                         

9/26/15 at Schuba's Tavern in Chicago, IL                            

10/10/15 at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, CA                         

11/5/15 at Johnny Brenda's in Philadelphia, PA                         

11/6/15 at Great Scott in Allston, MA                        

11/7/15 at The Bell House Brooklyn, NY

11/13/15 at Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center in New York, NY*

11/13/15 at Sunshine Cinema 5 in New York, NY*

11/20/15 at Cinefamily in Los Angeles, CA*

11/20/15 at Northwest Film Forum in Seattle, WA*

*Film Screening of Entertainment

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