posted August 12th, 2015

The music never sleeps in Al Cisneros' OM-world - it moves and grooves eternally, a repetitive vibration of heaviness ever growing. With a vibe this constant, any time is a great time for a tour, any place on Jehovah's green Earth! Thus, a globe was spun deep, and a finger extended to stop it - landing somewhere in the fields of Europe - eureka, huzzah and salaam! The destination continent. And so, making their way forthwith to cities and villages all across Europe this fall shall come OM, with spiritual jams aplenty, led by all-absorbing bass and drums designed to bring the listener closer to their god! It's another piece in the Byzantian puzzle of OM, no fewer than three years on from the release of Advaitic Songs and a the subsequent echo of dubplates, Gethsemane and Addis, with worldwide pilgrimages interspersed. What lies next for OM? Only they know, and only they know when it will come to be. It's best for all the rest of us to stay in the moment and enjoy the vibrations found there! To do so this fall, you MUST find OM in the following towns:

11/14/15 Chapeau Rouge Prague Czech Republic

11/15/15 UT Connewitz Leipzig Germany

11/16/15 Bi Nuu Berlin Germany

11/18/15 Vera Groningen Netherlands

11/19/15 Le Guess Who Festival Utrecht Netherlands

11/20/15 Jubez Karlsruhe Germany

11/21/15 Rocking Chair Vevey Switzerland

11/22/15 Divan Du Monde Paris France

11/24/15 Fzw Dortmund Germany

11/25/15 Trix Antwerp Belgium

11/26/15 Electric Ballroom London United Kingdom w/ Lightning Bolt

11/27/15 ATP Festival (Nightmare Before Christmas) Pontins, Prestatyn Holiday Centre United Kingdom

11/28/15 Venue TBC Dublin Ireland


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