posted August 19th, 2015

The breeze blowing through your hair, making you feel fine, yeah...blowing through the jasmine in your mind. It's summertime, the perfect season for pouring some blue-eyed soul through your speakers while you chill down at the marina.

Inspired by such laid back duos as Loggins & Messina, Seals & Crofts, Becker & Fagan and England Dan and John Ford Coley and well-versed in the "Lido Shuffle," to boot, The Blue Jean Committee were the proud products of the late 70's Northampton, Massachusetts music scene. Comprised of some of the most talented and sought-after local session musicians, the group was defined by Richie Cornish's busy talk-singing vocal style, which contrasted remarkably with the seamless grooves the band pumped out. Not much is known about these hometown heroes, but their sweet soul-pop sound made them one of the hottest acts this side of the Connecticut River! Despite a series of superlatively cromulent singles, The Blue Jean Committee remained profoundly unknown ten miles in any direction outside of whatever Western Mass town they were playing at the time. Thankfully, though, their story doesn't end there. After hearing some of The Blue Jean Committee's perfect soft rock jams on a local juke-box, Seth Meyers decided he had to share them with the general public! Last night, the boys of Blue Jean Committee stopped by his studio in New York and performed their effervescent hit, "Catalina Breeze"!

Can't get those smooth harmonies out of your head? We've got the cure! Fred Armisen; filmmaker, impressionist, stand-up comedian, character actor, musician and purveyor of little-heard pop music classics, has compiled a 12" of ALL the best BJC material! "Catalina Breeze" contains some of  the sleekest jams ever put to wax, so sultry and suave that it's an absolute shame this never made it as a hit on FM radio, but hey, at least you get to hear it now! The B-side contains an etching sure to please the most cold-hearted of music fans (no, not a kitten - but hang in there baby, you'll find out when you buy it) - so do yourself a favor don't wait until the November 20th release date, pre-order now!

Our everlasting summer is fading fast, so go grab a pina colada, park your rear in front of your computer desk and let the sounds of adult-oriented album rock overwhelm you!

Artists in this story: Fred Armisen, The Blue Jean Committee