posted September 22nd, 2015

The Silence are a storm that has been brewing across Japan for over a year - and now that system is breaking into the skies of the rest of the world! Their self-titled debut this past spring was simply a preamble to the fluid and formidable electro-acoustic display of their soon to be released follow-up, Hark The Silence. The first record is of a song-based nature, rendered with careful beauty familiar to long-time listeners of  Masaki Batoh and Ghost; a sound that turned on occasion into greater journeys. Their latest takes that notion and runs with it: Hark The Silence is a powerfully jamming album containing all the musical elements that define The Silence in flowing and transcendent performance, all of it recorded on 24-track analogue tape, a process which brings their musical and spatial elements into dynamic balance.

We can't describe it ALL for you, but Batoh's tremendous singing atop the pile-driving power of The Silence is in full swing, and the sweeping epic narrative of Hark The Silence transcends in ways unheard since Hypnotic Underworld-era Ghost. In other words, The Silence is capable of EVERYTHING. Hark The Silence is a composite of such moments, an album that travels enormous distances and captures live energies in astonishing studio sounds. The Silence are clearly one of the most powerful groups playing today ANYWHERE in the world - mark your calendars for the arrival of Hark The Silence on November 20th!


12/4/15 @ Club Goodman in Akihabara, Japan   

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