posted September 29th, 2015 night only! In Tokyo! Japan....ah, we had the whole non-Tokyo part of the world excited for a moment there, didn't we? You know ol' Jimbo won't step foot off his precious island for anyone! Not even himself. Nevertheless, holy shit, Jim's playing Simple Songs in its entirety for those lucky (as fuck) enough to be there, later this month. Mondai nai!

The fun don't stop there, tho - in fact, the (good) timing apparently couldn't be better for Jim to also perform Bad Timing in its entirety the very next night! Ever the over-achiever, Jim is set to debut a string quartet the first night, with premieres of two other ensembles the second! So cool. And only thousands of miles from all of his fans that don't live in his adopted hometown - Kuso kurae, O'Rourke-san! I guess for the rest of us, it's more time spent with our turntables and O'Rourke's magniticulous albums. Could it be that that's why he makes them so great, for the fans? Jim would never work so tirelessly just to soothe his own black soul, now would he?!?!

10/24/15 Sogetsu Hall Tokyo Japan performing Simple Songs, plus string quartet premiere SOLD OUT

10/25/15 Sogetsu Hall Tokyo Japan performing Bad Timing, plus Jazz trio and big band premiere SOLD OUT

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