posted November 6th, 2015

The Red Krayola. Let's not be hyperbolic or anything (what, we exaggerate?) but Mayo Thompson and The Red Krayola have  essentially inverted entire genres of music with their  redefinitions of 'rock' over the years. They've managed to make albums entirely distinct from each other time and again. However, this weekend, for the first time, Mayo will lead The Red Krayola through a live set of the Corrected Slogans albums at the esteemed REDCAT (at CalArts Downtown Center for Contemporary Arts) in Los Angeles tomorrow.

Originally released in 1976, Corrected Slogans is a raucous, unabashed and, gloriously piece of provisional propaganda. Projecting from sparse instrumental setting and showcasing a profusion of collected voices, it is equivocally unlike any other recorded Red Krayola. Idiosyncratic and aggressive, it's required listening for anyone who calls themselves a fan of conceptual art! Travel from far away if you have to, this is NOT something to be missed. And so, we won't. Will you?

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