posted November 17th, 2015

The noise of a new week is upon us. Doesn't anyone remember peace and quiet? If not, then please join us in listening to the sounds of The Silence! No, not that John Cage hoohah,  something new instead - Japanese psych master Masaki Batoh's newest endeavor of mammoth proportions!

This time, there are sounds you don't just hear, what? Right, although "Little Red Record Company" is an exquisite and intense rock arrangement of a classic Damon and Naomi jam, there's now a video to accompany Batoh & Co.'s tremendous, pile-driving-and-swinging version of it! The sights of "Little Red Record Company" include in-studio shots of the band cross-cut with groovy found footage of swinging 60s scene - perfect for a cover version of a song dating from another time and place of its own, 1992! The Silence's version is made their own with luminous piano and masterful sax lix, a grandiose and otherworldly interpretation of the humble indie sounds of the original. Hark The Silence, the 2nd and already greatest turn in The Silence's young career, comes out this Friday, November 20th - watch the video for "Little Red Record Company" and get your preorder on!


Artists in this story: Masaki Batoh, The Silence