posted December 7th, 2015

Brrr! When the hell did it get so cold?! This wintery weather has given us the urge to put on our PJs as soon as the sun goes down... at 4PM. How dreary! It doesn't have to be that way, though. Thanks to the Blue Jean Committee, the party has just begun and the lido shuffle is lasting all the way until the end of the year! The now legendary Gene Allen and Clark Honus were once just two working class guys with a modest dream of bringing their signature brand of soft rock to the masses. With "Catalina Breeze," the homegrown boys share their affinity for sublime melodies and dactylic lyrics that's delivered in an oh-so-sweet way!

No need to adjust your tracking; the suave, polished sounds of "Catalina Breeze" are approaching the airwaves straight from the archives! The charming, super 8 visuals for the video to "Catalina Breeze" first hit over on Esquire, but now you can transport yourself to the soft, white beaches of 70s AM radio rock from anywhere! So ahead, grab a margarita and kick back---it's five o' clock everywhere and you've got something to watch:


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