posted January 13th, 2016

The almighty, all-seeing and all-encompassing power band that is Rangda return with The Heretic's Bargain on February 19th, but that's just the beginning of their glorious journey in 2016! With a potent new release rising, Rangda claw forth from the depths of some hellish abyss to satisfy all y'alls insatiable desire for the schismatic with a hair-tingling tour following in March! Getting up close and personal with Rangda might seem like a dangerous stunt, but we promise you- it is!  The Heretic's Bargain is the fullest-formed sound of Rangda yet (and why wouldn't it be, their 3rd album in?) from start to finish! The initial locked-down snare/guitar strafing and tension-rattling choruses of "To Melt The Moon" (listen to it here!) on through the side-long "Mondays Are Free at the Hermetic Museum" contain about as much filler as the empty stomach of a child-eating monster.

Rangda are hitting up spots in the Midwest, the East Coast and in Canada, where they're guaranteed to snap you out of your cold spell and melt your bod-brain with a fiery cacophony of sound! Don't miss out on the tasty dates below!

Rangda On Tour:

Friday, March 4th in New York, NY at St Vitus
Saturday, March 5th in Boston, MA at Out of the Blue Too Gallery 
Sunday, March 6th in Easthampton, MA at Flywheel 
Monday, March 7th in Montreal, QC at Casa Del Popolo 
Tuesday, March 8th in Toronto, ON at Geary Lane 
Wednesday, March 9th in Detroit, MI at Marble Bar 
Thursday, March 10th in Kalamazoo, MI at Bells Eccentric Cafe 
Friday, March 10th-12th in Chicago, IL at Levitation Festival - Thalia Hall 
Saturday, March 12th in Iowa City, IA at The Mill 
Sunday, March 13th in Minneapolis, MN at The Cedar Cultural Center 
Tuesday, March 15th in Bloomington, IN at Bishop 
Wednesday, March 16th in Columbus, OH at Spacebar 
Thursday, March 17th in Pittsburgh, PA at Andy Warhol Museum 
Saturday, March 19th in Philadelphia, PA at Boot & Saddle

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