posted February 16th, 2016

His royal-self, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, is a journeyman at his root. Sure, his physical person is grounded in the stables of Louisville, but being a troubadour with a motive means traveling is an integral part of his vision. With that in mind, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's sights are currently set on expressing song to friends, fam and fans in the slushy, blinding white fields of the Midwest, where this week he'll bring us all a little closer in some of the region's finest towns. Music with a lot of light, and some darkness, too, for contemplating - like only ol' Bonnie can provide: it's the kind of connectedness we need come late February, the craving of which is currently strong. We sense the craving coming from you, too. The Bonny United Ensemble will be, in strength, Danny Kiely, Van Campbell, Roadie Rodahaffer, and Drew Miller.  Crewman/croonman Oscar Lee Riley Parsons will also be cockle warming. Be mindful of your physiological needs and make these shows your top priority!

2/17/16     in Bloomington, IN @ Buskirk-Chumle Theater
2/18/16    in Chicago, IL @ The Vic Theater
2/19/16     in  Champaign, IL @ The Accord    

all shows w/ Maiden Radio

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