posted February 18th, 2016

To say that there's nothing else like Lightstorm would be an understatement, but their natural, clear underlying love energy is unmistakable. The husband and wife duo of Johnhima and Kalassu Wintergate's deep personal inner quest for absolute spiritual truth and unconditional love always vibrated through all musical renditions and it made. The magnificent new archival collection, Creation, is the first-ever Lightstorm compilation and fuses the best tracks from the spiritual concept double LP, Who Am I: One (1977), and sensual glam rock killer, 33 1/3 (1980).

The story of Lightstorm is an unlikely one; Johnima and Kalassu have been recording together for nearly fifty years in various incarnations. Noisey takes you down the long and winding path of musical collaborators brushes with fame, flirtations with film making and even a stint playing for GIs (and a few receptive members of the Viet Cong) in 'Nam. We're proud to present the visual overview dubbed "The Lightstorm Adventure" that only hints at the tip of their storied past, and the layered, consciousness expanding epic that is "Let Your Astral Body Fly!"

And with each gift given we only want to mirror our offering! We've already given you a taste of the electrifying, psych glam weirdness that is the other side of Lightstorm with "Missionary Is Impossible ;" but close your eyes, breathe deeply and unfold the wings of your perception with these two new tasty pieces of the Lightstorm puzzle!

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