posted February 25th, 2016

A road that never ends! This is the path chosen by many of our musician friends – because not only is the lot of the songwriter more than just making records, it actually begins and ends in playing for others in their witness! Before records, this was a social art, an entertainment-via-personal-audience, and nobody in our stable lives this ancient ideal more completely than Alasdair Roberts. Most nights, while you sit at home, he is somewhere in Scotland or maybe even down south in England, playing for the people – a supreme recording artist, yes – but a player for the people first and foremost! And while Alasdair would likely comment assiduously upon our epistemological designation of ‘minstrel’ to his modern task, he no doubt would have no problem with our aim: to announce his return to the southern kingdom, with visits to venerable auld towns like Halifax, Birmingham and Norwich as well as a return to London, where he’ll be playing at St. Pancras Old Church – all of course, in service of his esteemed audience. and upon returning home, he sets out once again with The Furrow Collective, of whom he is a proud member, for another week on the hoof! Tis the life of a travelling songbard, to be sure. There’s a new record in the works…but in the meantime, this is the way, the only way, to hear Alasdair Roberts – in the flesh! We’ll see you there.

03/05/16 Square Chapel Centre For The Arts, Halifax, United Kingdom              

03/06/16 Kitchen Garden Cafe, Birmingham, United Kingdom              

03/07/16 St. Pancras Old Church, London, United Kingdom              

03/15/16 The Bicycle Shop, Norwich, United Kingdom

04/24/16 St. Giles Cripplegate, London, United Kingdom

04/28/16 Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-Upon-Avon, United Kingdom

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