posted February 26th, 2016

Don't call it a comeback---Lightstorm has been here for years! Husband and wife team, Johnima & Kalassu Wintergate have been recording music under various aliases since 1973 and now, thanks to Yoga Records and the release of Creation last week, they've discovered a newfound interest in their music! Now everyone can know, Johnima and Kalassu have more to offer the world than just incredibly righteous tunes; they're not the type to confine themselves to any singular genre, medium or even metaphysical reality!

This is how Boardinghouse came to be: they thought it could be done, and so - armed with a handheld home camcorder and big dreams; John Wintergate wrote, directed AND starred in this outrageous, stratospheric cinematic transgression. Theatrically released in 1982, Boardinghouse was the first SOV (shot on video) film of its kind! Blending sex, horror, comedy and musical performances by J & K's 80s outfit 33 1/3, Boardinghouse is not just your average pulpy horror movie, it's a visionary experience! Is it a slasher film? A paranormal feature about a haunting possession? A film created entirely only to serve as a vehicle for Kalassu's rocking bod and sweet acting chops? However you slice it, Boardinghouse is the Halloween of SOV genre.

And good news! If you have a weak heart or are easily frightened by shocking gore, Boardinghouse features the short-lived gimmick of "Horrorvision"! If you hear a blaring, single note played on a synthesizer or see an image of a black glove appear on screen; cover your eyes and ears! Johnima and Kalassu have got you covered. Now - spoiler alert - if only they'd included that service in the trailer! Fake blood always makes us puke our guts out, and fake guts are even grosser! Just sayin'.

Sex! Telekinesis! Gore! Rock n Roll! Boardinghouse has it all. Drag City, in partnership with Chicago's own Odd Obsession Film Library and the Empty Bottle are proud to present the film in all its low budget glory. So come check out the film at 2PM on March 19th at the Empty Bottle. We dare you!

3/19/16 @ The Empty Bottle at 2PM

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