posted March 4th, 2016

Galloping  through your synapses like a ceaseless wind, Rangda intrinsically thin the herd of boring-ass rock bands that flood your news feeds. Theirs is the natural order; deeply abraded but armed with fury, serpentine wisdom and the ability to seamlessly meld tightly structured riffage with the sound of the free! Unleashed on February 19th, The Heretic's Bargain is a supercharged full length, rife with dynamic and aggressive movements; the sum total of three distinct musical minds at work TOGETHER.

Which brings us to their new video! "The Sin Eaters" has a fractal quality, like a Mandelbrot set, expanding mathematical with circular breath, repeating and changing incrementally. Directed by Elisa Ambrogio, the video for "The Sin Eaters" depicts the seven medieval deadly sins in various, eye-grabbing images: small skulls scrub away the mutinous transgressions of immorality to reveal shifting restraints. Filmed with precise stop-motion techniques, "The Sin Eaters" matches its layers of visuals and pigments with those of infernal Rangda! Watch the video over on NPR and then GO TO HELL! By which we mean, experience the blaze of Rangda's ferocity at the venues below - tour kicks off this week!

Friday, March 4th in New York, NY at St Vitus
Saturday, March 5th in Boston, MA at Out of the Blue Too Gallery 
Sunday, March 6th in Easthampton, MA at Flywheel 
Monday, March 7th in Montreal, QC at Casa Del Popolo 
Tuesday, March 8th in Toronto, ON at Double Double Land 
Wednesday, March 9th in Detroit, MI at Marble Bar 
Thursday, March 10th in Kalamazoo, MI at Bells Eccentric Cafe 
Friday, March 10th-12th in Chicago, IL at Levitation Festival - Thalia Hall 
Saturday, March 12th in Iowa City, IA at The Mill 
Sunday, March 13th in Minneapolis, MN at The Cedar Cultural Center
Monday, March 14th in Milwaukee, WI at Acme Records 
Tuesday, March 15th in Bloomington, IN at Bishop 
Wednesday, March 16th in Columbus, OH at Spacebar 
Thursday, March 17th in Pittsburgh, PA at Andy Warhol Museum
Friday, March 18th in Baltimore, MD at Joe Squared 
Saturday, March 19th in Philadelphia, PA at Boot & Saddle

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