posted March 9th, 2016

Thalia Hall, it's like we love you or something! Two Ty shows down already this week, and we're heading for the ceiling of our natural experiential threshold. We may or may not be experienced (is it for us to say?) but we're prepared nonetheless to swoop down and hear the sound and movements of the Trux - Royal Trux, that is, along with the handful of worthy fellow-travellers (including another two we call our own) playing out Pilsen-way this weekend at Levitation Chicago!

This Friday night will mark the third reunion gig for Royal Trux, after the INSANE Berserktown show last summer and the seismic (but sentimental) NYC show in December. And DAMN RIGHT Chicago should be up there - not so much because Chicago always loved Royal Trux (they did), but because the ephemeral essence of Drag City hangs like a mist above the town, and a building with our name on it is buried deep within the west side! So yes, Royal Trux - not only does Indiana want you (that trash) but the VIPs of the Chi NEED you back here, and can't wait to hear the smattering of hits from your not-too-massive-in-size-but-TOWERING-in-cachet discography (play "Stevie" OR ELSE, man!). Your ocean rolls below us, expanding plastic views! And the other higher bodies dazzling our air on Friday and Saturday - Rangda (touring for their just-released and just-AMAZING The Heretic's Bargain) and Bitchin' Bajas & Natural Information Society, are also gonna have sets that promise to be WAY be outta site! Yeah, it's been on our mind. We don't need these wings to guide us back to Thalia Hall - there's feeling building up inside us making us feel light as air. This weekend, we've got Levitation

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