posted March 24th, 2016

Now that 2015 is over, it's becoming easier to count on one hand what the true masterpieces of the year were - and Jim O'Rourke's Simple Songs was definitely the middle finger of that bunch! As it should be, it's still resonating (they say it's all in the mix - nice one, Jimbo!) with listeners worldwide, on stereos in dwelling spaces everywhere, and will inevitably do so until the (not too distant) end of time! With a record this compelling from an artist THIS enigmatic, the only thing missing, really, is the opportunity to see these not-so-simple songs performed live, huh? It's sad, even: with O'Rourke-san permanently holed-up in Japan, the majority of the world's population is left with just their own disturbing imagination to conceptualize what a Jim O'Rourke concert might be!

Well settle down, you unruly freaks! We've been hipped to some beautiful footage from a recent, very special Jim O'Rourke performance and are obliged to hip you to it, too! These videos showcase an O'Rourke-ian event like none other - performances from Simple Songs and gosh, Insignificance, with not just a full band, but orchestral accompaniment as well! Plus, Jim standing up! It all took place in Tokyo, in front of a proper audience, but with the power of film (+ digital + the internet) you can go there, too! Watch Jim and the band pump fresh blood up into "Hotel Blue, "Last Year" and "Therefore I Am" right now!!


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