posted April 6th, 2016

Seasons change, and now that spring's around the corner, why not open up the windows and freshen your musty old interiors, huh? And since Here Come The Rattling Trees is such a fresh piece of wax, spin it on while you're doing your cleaning! The latest LP from the venerable High Llamas, England's finest purveyors of meticulously breezy-n-lite modern pop sounds, Here Come The Rattling Trees was just released in January to critical acclaim. And while everyone's clamoring for these blissfully woozy sounds (making the record difficult to keep in stock!), it's easy to forget that they originally emenated from a theatrical performance: a play written by Sean O'Hagan himself, with music written and performed by The High Llamas! We'd happily describe the basis for this play ourselves, but we wouldn't do it justice - instead, why not let O'Hagan himself fill you in? Yeah, that's better!

Here's a unique and delightful film made by Thomas Jean Henri and Ian Cross serving as both a mini-doc about the making of Here Come The Rattling Trees and a trailer for its upcoming three day run at CLF Theatre in Peckham, London! You know what to do - let the trailer get you in the mood, then reserve your seats for this limited engagement, which also features an additional short set by the High Llamas! Oh, and if you haven't already, pick up your copy of Here Come the Rattling Trees today!

5/23/16– 5/25/16   The High Llamas present Here Come The Rattling Trees, A Musical Narrative in London, UK @ CLF Theatre, Bussey Building, Peckham.


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