posted May 4th, 2016

The slapping of tongues and the trilling of flutes: Faun Fables are back among us!

Since 1998, Faun Fables has represented the musical world of Dawn McCarthy, visited in collaboration with her partner Nils Frykdhal. In early times, their wild spirit roamed the streets and hills of the SF-Oakland community and, pilgrim-like, wandered the world, self releasing music before continuing onward to create six albums for Drag City.

Over previous albums, the passions of Faun Fables seemed to be laid firmly on the stones of the Old World. Dawn's songs seemed to well forth from a more elementary fundament: one that lived in knowing intuition with nature, gathered in blood-based tribes, worked in the light of day and played by the fire at night. Born of the Sun continues in this exalted tradition but also reflects the new rhythms of life, and as such, the necessarily scorched earth of raising children, each day becoming a new and irreversible step forward. Living what was once only dreamed and sung about makes for an earthier and more expansive Faun Fables record, informed by the slow and sudden progress of time that occurs when we are with the very young. And so Born of the Sun became another birthing, gestating over several years, then recorded mostly in concentrated periods over the past two winters. 

Six years have passed in highly dramatic, entirely everyday fashion since their last album, Light of A Vaster Dark. Born of the Sun is forged in the crucible of NOW, and as such has a feeling apart from the previous phases of Faun Fables. Riding along with Mother Nature, Dawn and Nils and the kids (whose vocals on "Wild Kids Rant" suggest they are following their parents path into the forest) are embracing the phenomena of creation as they move inexorably forward. Born of the Sun is the bountiful and exuberant album of this place and time, so go forth and mark your calendars for July 22nd!

To kick off what will be a long-running Born Of The Sun celebration in 2016, watch the music video for "O My Stars!" Previously released as a single last year, it's now one of the many standout tracks Born Of The Sun has to offer!

Join the Fauns on their May Euro Trip in these Select Countries!

5/18/16  at Teatr Muzyczny Capitol in Wroclaw, Poland
5/21/16 at Silent Green Kulturquartier in Berlin, Germany 
5/27/16 at Alter Schlachthof in Wes, Austria
5/29/16 at UnterHolz Gallery  in Leipzig, Germany
6/4/16 at Krakeslottet Festival in Senja, Norway     
6/11/16 at Hølen Kunst og Bokcafe in Hølen, Norway

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