posted May 23rd, 2016

Bonnie "Prince" Billy aims to steal your face with an epic, live rendition of the soft-yet-funky "If I Had a World to Give" on CBS' This Morning! The Dead are often a point of contention between music fans---is it hippie drivel for drug addled baby boomers or a visionary group who have contributed more to modern music of all genres than the Velvets!? Well, wherever you stand, one thing we can all agree upon is that Bonnie 'Prince' Billy rules!

Bonnie's intrepid voice and candor distinguishes his songs from the hundreds of troubadours who have followed in his wake. It's only appropriate that Bonny was tapped to provide a unique interpretation of the Grateful Dead's "If I Had a World to Give" that not only gives credence to the original tune, but breathes new life into a classic! Follow Bonnie down the rabbit hole to experience the wonders of a live Bonnie 'Prince' Billy performance from the comfort of your couch!

Check out Bonnie perform "If I Had A World To Give" right now and keep on truckin', man!


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