posted May 26th, 2016

And just "Like That," White Fence wing on over to Europe for a quick tour! An arrow-sharp blast through a wide range of continental territories has Tim Presley and the gang moving and performing with great efficiency - like a proper White Fence song, they're hitting all the right notes with a gracefully deft economy. Festival season is in full effect, and White Fence have broken through the perimeter to take center stage for all the innocents to enjoy. Yeah, ...For The Recently Found Innocent has proven it's right up there with the classics of the Drag City canon - something you should be armed with at all times, if you aren't already! And these shows certainly serve as a bridge to a bright, tune-filled world not too far away, one with Presley jams a-plenty. We've seen the future and it's very White! But in the present, get yourself to these gigs - the White Fence gang encourages new membership! 

5/26/16 Oval Space London United Kingdom w/ Cate Le Bon

 5/27/16 Villette Sonique Paris France

5/28/16 GetMAD! Festival Madrid Spain

5/29/16 Galeria Zé dos Bois Lisbon Portugal

5/30/16 GNRation Braga Portugal

5/31/16 Dabadaba San Sebastian Spain

6/1/16 Sala Apolo Barcelona Spain

6/2/16 Les Pavillions Sauvages Toulouse France

6/3/16 Primavera Sound Festival Barcelona Spain

6/4/16 L'Ecurie Geneva Switzerland

6/5/16 Maifeld Derby Festival Mannheim Germany

6/6/16 Milla Club Munich Germany

6/7/16 Beaches Brew Festival @ Hana Bi Marina di Ravenna Italy

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