posted July 18th, 2016

Faun Fables are time-travelers from a bygone era, somehow more aligned with the power and allure of Earth than is usual in our day and age. Guided by their celestial spirit and a knowledge intuited from nature, Faun Fables can be found working in the light of day or playing music by the fire at night. Their latest, Born of the Sun, bares song fruit manifested from such labor, bursting at the seams with bountiful passion and bathed in a profound light - with colors and shades all their own. Now one of the brightest, "YDUN," has come to visual fruition in video form!

Shown through the lens of a Super 8, "YDUN" captures the disarming beauty of the California countryside alongside Dawn McCarthy's stalwart voice. With a rallying battle call, Dawn summons open hearts and minds (ears too!) into her mythical world, accompanied by folksy delights - guitars, flute, and chimes. Otherworldly visuals and direction provided by Catherine Hollander hover and drift with each careful note, guiding the sounds through uncharted frontier!

Watch "YDUN" now and get in touch with your spiritual nature!

Join the Fauns on these dates below, more to be added!

7/22/16 at Tua Lingua in North Charleston, SC
7/23/16 at The Pilot Light in Knoxville, TN
7/24/16 at The Pinhook in Durham, NC
7/27/16 at Park Church Co-op in Brooklyn, NY  
7/28/16 at The Apohadion Theatre in Portland, ME     
7/29/16 at Oberon in Boston, MA      
7/31/16 at Electric Eclectic Festival in Meaford, Ontario,Canada            
8/2/16 at The Hideout at Chicago, IL
8/3/16 at High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI 
8/4/16 at The Triple Door in Minneapolis, MN
8/7/16 at Kilby Court in Salt Lake City, UT
8/13/16 at The Skylark in Seattle, WA
8/16/16 at KALA in Astoria, OR
8/17/16 at High Water Mark in Portland,OR
8/19/16 at The Starry Plough in Berkley, CA


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