posted July 20th, 2016

O-HI-O again! True to their incinerating, sudden blaze of glory, a golden decade that ended seemingly forever back in the increasingly unmysterious year 2000, Royal Trux have reignited suddenly and without warning, much less reason - although what better reason than to take the money off a queue of the highest bidders out there? Plus, it allows new generations of our world to experience the unique version of rock and roll that ONLY Royal Trux can deliver - so, win-win! It already worked in Los Angeles (well, Santa Ana anyway), NYC and Chicago - and if Austin hadn't been threatened with acts of god (at least in the insurer's eyes), we'd be announcing reunion show number 5 right here!

Is it any REAL surprise that the next town to receive their Royal due is Columbus OH? The Trux were always consonant with high and low culture in equal measure, so that makes Columbus Rock City (because, fuck Detroit!) a natural - and back in the day, shows there were generally laid-back-until-tense (or vice versa) like all perfect rock and roll is and should always be. The occasion? Helter Swelter Fest 2016, at the Ace of Cups on September 24th! See you there - and with any luck, we'll BE you there too!

Tickets are here!

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