posted August 12th, 2016

Amherst's very own magik magnetic underground wunderkind, Elisa Ambrogio, is busting out of a period of silence for a short run with buddies (and fellow west Massers) Dinosaur Jr. next month! Yus, Elisa's well acquainted with the prehistoric behemoths of indie rock shreddery; in fact, Magik Markers recorded Surrender to the Fantasy in J. Mascis' Massachusetts attic just a few years back. This is her first time supporting the band in a solo fashion, and the shows are all in deep southern states, so chances are the energy will be mega-weird and super-awesome! Elisa's endocrine blast of haze-n-raze electric guitar and drums with pop repercussion blossoms into the cacophonous release of one thousand black swans; an aural call to arms to secret Clarinet Queens everywhere! Her performances emanate heart-caught-in-throat emulsion sweats, taking Cale's conceit of fear as man's best friend and playing fun gamess of toss-and-fetch with it! So is you in or is you not? Come out, people -The Immoralist awaits!

9/13/16 at Saturn in Birmingham, AL 
9/14/16 at Tipitina's in New Orleans, LA
9/15/16 at White Oak Music Hall in Houston, TX
9/16/16 at Austin City Limits Live in Austin, TX
9/17/16 at Granada Theater in Dallas, TX 
9/19/16 at Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, AZ

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