posted September 13th, 2016

There's no place like America today - but that's been true of our lunatic colony for a long time. Purling Hiss has floated through the sewer of US culture their whole lives. Growing up in a time like the 1980s made a professional dreamer out of Mike Polizze, fueling a desire to escape to the perfect world where music amplifies the pain or just plain DROWNS IT OUT.

At times carefree and apparently footloose in the world, other times intensely focused and wrathful, Purling Hiss are the orphaned kids of seemingly every rock and roll generation DNA'd into one. And like a guided missile detonating on in the deep blues sky, the anthemic blast of "3000 AD," the second single from their forthcoming new album, High Bias, is tightly controlled and sharply executed. Layers of tremolo and chorus spawn a thick fog of Polizze's searing guitar throughout "3000 AD," Mike's vocals bleeding through the mix with an antisocial fear n' loathing reminiscent of early Hiss recordings yet firmly rooted in the Hiss of today. "3000 AD" is a call to arms-solidifying Purling Hiss as America's most exciting power trio: armed and dangerous, lost and loaded! Have a listen, why don't ya?

And with this burning new single comes bonus news! Purling Hiss announce their full-blown tour of the USA! Preorder High Bias today, and mark your calendar with the dates below!

9/30/16- 10/1/16 @ Huichica East in Pine Plains, NY
10/6/16 @ Ram's Head Live in Baltimore, MD*
10/29/16 @ Baby's All Right in Brooklyn, NY
10/30/16 @ Johnny Brenda's in Philadelphia, PA
10/31/16 @ Kings Barcade in Raleigh, NC
11/1/16 @ The Earl in Atlanta, GA
11/2/16 @ Glass Menage in Nashville, TN
11/3/16 @ Circle Bar in New Orleans, LA
11/4/16 @ Hotel Vegas in Austin, TX
11/5/16 @ Monarch in El Paso, TX 
11/6/16 @ Night of the Living Fest at 191 Toole in Tuscon, AZ
11/7/16 @ The Hideout in San Diego, CA
11/8/16 @ Resident in Los Angeles, CA
11/10/16 @ The Chapel in San Francisco, CA
11/11/16 @ Richard's Goat in Arcata, CA
11/12/16 @ High Water Mark in Portland, OR
11/13/16 @ Chop Suey in Seattle, WA
11/14/16 @ Stage 112 in Missoula, MT
11/16/16 @ The Aquarium in Fargo, ND
11/18/16 @ The Hideout in Chicago, IL
11/19/16 @ El Club in Detroit, MI
11/20/16 @ Happy Dog in Cleveland,OH

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