posted September 19th, 2016

Los Angeles! New York! Chicago! Austin! Columbus! What do they all have in common? Well aside from being internationally recognized as the USA's cultural glue, they're the only cities the newly reformed, permanent Veterans of Disorder we familiarly call Royal Trux have chosen to play since buying back into themselves and deciding what the world needs now is a little more Sunshine and Grease! Neil and Jennifer are STILL the true blue frequency - the baddest asses grooving in and out of any alleyway, the realest shit anyone's ever had the privilege to dream up. And their gravy/reunion train rolls on! Are you with them? Or are you gonna be left sullied on the side of the road? Wet or dry, it's in your best interest to make your way to the heart of it all, Columbus, OH, this Saturday, September 24th, when Royal Trux take center stage at the Helter Swelter Fest (also featuring America's $1 Funnyman, Neil Hamburger) hosted by Ace Of Cups!

Royal Trux live - Saturday, September 24th @ Helter Swelter at Ace Of Cups

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