The Noise of Art: Opening on October 22nd at Soccer Club Club

posted October 5th, 2016

Be it discordant, melodious, or harmonic, the artists in the show all have some connection to sound, through composer fathers, musician spouses, studying dance, creating music videos, or incorporating musical lyrics in their work.

Mari Eastman uses images from personal photographs and popular culture to make figurative paintings based on autobiography, creating an image memoir that mixes fact and fiction.

Rebecca Morris makes large abstract oil paintings in a distinctly personal visual language which incorporates brilliant color, clashing patterns, awkward shapes, symmetry, use of layering and stencil, and a mixture of overstated deliberateness with off-handed brush marks.

Anna Sew Hoy is a sculptor whose references to the body, use of clay, cloth, and detritus of home technology make sculptures that have both an unnerving and familiar quality. The pieces operate as modern day talismans or fetishes made by a 21st century gleaner.

Allison Schulnik is a painter and animator whose claymation influences her thick impasto paintings and vice versa. Her fantastical world of abominable snowmen, cats, unicorns, and centaurs is both sinister and beguiling; appropriating greek mythology and traditional genres to subversive ends.

Mary Weatherford is a painter who uses light in a literal way, overlaying wistful, every-so-slightly, as she puts it, "listing" neon lights over vigorous and brushy abstract paintings. Painted with super matte paint, the assemblages contain extremes of light and dark, referencing the sublime, the dirty, the messy, the night life.

Together they are THE NOISE OF ART!

Musical Performance by Cory Hanson (of WAND)
with DJ Cooper Crain (Bitchin Bajas/CAVE)
Refreshments provided by
Land and Sea Dept. 

Soccer Club Club
2923 N. Cicero Ave
Chicago, IL 60641

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