posted October 6th, 2016

October's crop rises in the face of summer's fallen dusk, and here we are: it's fall! Out of the corn stalks come children, scythes bared, ready to hunt, and Pumpkinheads everywhere light candles within themselves to haunt - and along with them, the Faun family make their rounds! Faun Fables released Born Of The Sun in July, alongside a midsummer night's tour of America in their family RV - an idyllic vessel and voyage for the song telling folkisms for which Dawn McCarthy and Nils Frykdahl are best known, it was a family affair, kids in tow! But then the school year began, so for the time being their travels are to be kept local. Thus, this weekend Faun Fables have an incredibly special and exclusive couple of live dates close to their backyard -  free in-store performances starting TONIGHT! You don't even need tickets - you just need to get there, OK? Read the details below and make it so! 

Friday, October 7th @ LAST RECORD STORE In-store (Free) in Santa Rosa, CA, 7PM 
Saturday, October 8th @ARMADILLO MUSIC In-store (free) in Davis, CA, 5PM

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