posted December 8th, 2016

The countdown until the demise of the world has already begun, but who says we can't get a little celebratin' in before them ol' end times? Holidays of different kinds are coming up and while - sure, they were dictated by the fascist capitalist system the outlines of which we are collectively now glimpsing,They Live-style - we STILL want you to be prepared to spread some cheer around, no matter what! Don't be socially awkward - Drag City has some perfect stocking/Menorah/whatever stuffer inspirations guaranteed to put a smile on your loved ones faces whilst keeping that all-important wallet from disappearing up America's asshole!

Other than the glorious, eclectic and frankly insurmountable musical catalogue we offer (WHAT? we're being modest!), there are some incredible objects available are sure to jingle your bells! For instance, how about some Feathered Fish for a holiday feast? Feathered Fish is the brainchild of Jennifer Herrema and award-winning designer Pamela Love. Borrowing their namesake from an Arthur Lee obscurity from the early days of Love serves to remind us that both our girls are Pisces,and that Feathered Fish merges their unfuckwithable attitude with innovative design and vision - have you seen their take on a traditional Japanese sandal, Zoris, and a hand-woven e-cigarette holder? These are the ideal gift for the bold and the brassy in your life.

Then there's the bookworm/art enthusiast friend/lover/relative/work-based gift swap person we all have in our lives. For them, Rita Ackermann's JEZEBELS, a paperback book released in conjunction with her first solo exhibition in Chicago, provides food for thought as well as a dense set of images to contemplate. The images of JEZEBELS were shot by Richard Kern, staged after an Ackermann painting from 2002 entitled "Restlessness and Angry Optimism". The photos were then used as artist's medium to complete the finished images in the book. This unique monograph is individually numbered and signed by Rita herself! Prints of these images found within JEZEBELS are still available, too, also signed and numbered! If images conjuring and meditating on ideas about the intersectionality of violence and sex don't scream "SEASONS GREETINGS," then we don't know what will!

Or perhaps you favor something more utilitarian? A wise choice! For most of history, pottery has remained unsigned, vernacular and functional. Anna Sew Hoy dabbles in these traditions, mixing and matching histories to make self-consciously arty ceramic objects and installations. Her exquisite ceramic soap dishes are included in Soccer Club Club's Noise of Art exhibition and now available to purchase and present as a gift of practicality AND style.

Whether you feel like it or don't, it's still the season to spread goodwill and good gifts among one another. When seeking to make a difference beneath the tree, look to the Ivory Bunker first!

For sales inquiries and to purchase signed JEZEBELS prints & Anna Sew Hoy's ceramic soap dishes please contact: Kathryn Wilson at

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