posted January 3rd, 2017

It's a brand new year, rife with uncertainty and trepidation as we inch closer and closer to a precarious political, social, and environmental climate! We don't know how you feel (actually, we do), but to us, that means it's time to turn to Bill Callahan for that wise, confident and reliable voice - c'mon, how about a little darkness n' dry wit to match up with your general uncertainty? Oh, there's some love in there, too. We think. The people's choice might not be in the nation's highest office, but at least Bill Callahan serves as our representative on a more relatable level-music! Bill Callahan is taking a cue from elderly snowbirds everywhere and spending the month of February enveloped by a more temperate climate, in Northern California.  It may not be the warmest part of the state, but things will definitely be heating up for Wild Bill and all those around him on his journey from Santa Cruz to Oakland! New songs? Classics? Hey, who's to say? As we can't predict this year for anyone,  who knows what's in store for Bill Callahan, or his fans, on tour and in 2017!

Tickets are moving quickly, be sure to get yours to the following dates as soon as possible!

2/1/17 at Don Quixote's International Music Hall in Santa Cruz, CA
2/2/17 at Sweetwater Music Hall Mill in Valley, CA
2/3/17 at Miner's Foundry Cultural Center in Nevada City, CA
2/4/17 at Starline Social Club in Oakland, CA

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