posted January 11th, 2017

2017 might be the end of the world as we know it, but as long as we keep getting fine performances out of our legendary steamroom, hey - we feel fine! All things being ultimately equal, we can die with Cory Hanson's encapsulations of the dilemma of hope and it's yang of despair ringing quietly and classically in our ears. His debut solo album, The Unborn Capitalist From Limbo, shines brightly from a deeply political perspective, one that is just as personal as it is universal - but the knife cuts particularly close to the bone in the live visitation here.

Cory heads off on his first solo tour early next month, playing all his luminous solo tunes for fortunate west-coasters, but we got lucky too when he stopped by DCHQ recently for a "Steamroom Sesh" to perform  "Evening Glass" with lead violin and vocal support from Heather Lockie, who arranged the strings and performed on the record. It's a winning and intimate rendition - quite dry despite being performed in a our steamy confines the size of a closet! Not to toot our own horn or anything, but MAN do they acoustics sound excellent! And while you'll only find that particular sound quality in the steamroom, Cory will be performing with the same gentle philippic, soaring melodies AND full backing band.

Watch the refreshing Steamroom Session below and prepare yourselves for the "Unborn Capitalist Live" Experience 2017



2/7/17 at Chop Suey in Seattle, WA
2/9/17 at The Cobalt in Vancouver, Canada
2/10/17 at The Old Church in Portland, OR       
2/12/17 at The Chapel in San Francisco, CA

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