posted January 16th, 2017

If you're feeling funny, you are not alone! The recent reintroduction of Papa M to our bloodstream has left us dizzy. While the world decides how to feel about the almost entirely instrumental scathe-and-dreamscapes (plus one searing exception) of November's new release Highway Songs, we've delved back into the catalog to recall the second Papa M album, "Whatever, Mortal" which finds David Pajo transitioning from the post-rock/world-blues abstraction of the Papa M debut to a folk-doomier trip, with a lot more vocals guiding we the hapless listener through the depths and sub-depths of Pajolian New Weird America. Plumbing traddy folk compositions from the cold-eyed Child Ballad days and rearranging them with arsenic and new lace, "Whatever, Mortal" took Papa M into the song-worlds of types like Leonard Cohen, Will Oldham and Smog. Elaborately packed in classic Papa M style and pressed on double-vinyl to play entirely at higher-fidelity 45 rpm, "Whatever, Mortal" is a message in the bottle from an unknowing past to an uncertain future. So dial that up if you want to know what all this hubbub is about. Or - hey - take a ride on our Live from Whatever Highway bundle, pairing the new Highway Songs vinyl with the classic Papa M vinyl of your choice - either Live From Shark Cage or "Whatever, Mortal", paired with Highway Songs at the come-hither price of $40 for the two! You won't find a better (or darker) deal anywhere else.

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