posted January 27th, 2017

....BANDcamp, that is! Yes, the viral digital world is not a place easily trusted - not when you're a label like ours, with precious cargo that must never be handled frivolously! (Yes, including Final Flesh.) For those who have been urging us to throw all our bands into the deep end of all this mess, we'll meet you mid "stream": the whole fookin' Drag City catalog is now available digitally via Bandcamp! So for all the neophytes out there (you're the ones reading our newsletter, right?), enjoy the complimentary musical wares we've provided - then take advantage of Bandcamp's artist-friendly build to explore the world of ALL Drag City artists (and even some (dis)honorary ones) - and make your downloading decisions with both care and financial abandon. We sure dig this Bandcamp thing - and if it turns out to be worth a penny, then we'll have to consider the further implications of the non-pornographic-side of the internet. Help us help you help us make that decision! Make an extended trip to Drag City on Bandcamp.