posted February 3rd, 2017

Bill Callahan is one bad mother –father, child! Like a villain he hides out with his fam, carefully crafting his next move. Captivating! A splendid device for the man who long since stuck his head out of the Smog – his music spellbinds, and his performances leave us drinking from his lovin’ cup.  Watch out now, that cup’s ready to pour some out for the lonely ears of London, England!

Bill Callahan does prefer shows of the intimate variety, OK? So within the small confines of Hoxton Hall, Bill will play 4 straight days; Thursday, Friday, and twice on Saturday and Sunday. Accompanied by Matt Kinsey, and nothing else but his own voice and guitar, these are the first Callahan shows in London since the Dream River tour of 2014! Hey, whenever it hits, it hits hard, right? Day and night, night and day – Bill brings the heavy every hour that holds a little darkness, and a little light, too – now lightly clang your keyboard here to grab tickets!

Bill Callahan Live at Hoxton Hall, London, UK

Thursday, May 4

Friday, May 5

Saturday, May 6 (early and late)

Sunday, May 7 (early and late)

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