posted February 6th, 2017

It's a time of ideas upon the table and out the window alike! For all citizens, it's a time to don our pince-nez and consider both the fine print and the long view on all that we are offered and all that we're ordered to leave behind. This isn't an endeavor simply for the socio-political sector, either! Our singers are tasked as well with expressions of the same that represent for the thoughts and feelings of the nations. Fortunately, Drag City don't lack for any such intrepid spokesfolk. For instance, take Alasdair Roberts!

Our well-versed Scotsman's soapbox is comprised of traditional music values; his mindset formed by 500 years of song. So, when "The Angry Laughing God" pours into your ears, you aren't simply being offered a fine reel with which to dance your troubles away. There's deep consideration between the lines here - though we're quite certain that NEVER was a consideration of Malthusian precepts so wildly fancy-free! This is the spirit and image of Alasdair Roberts' Pangs, an enervated and evocative collection of people's music put forth by Alasdair along with the companion vertices of his trio, Stevie Jones and Alex Nielson. The ancient melodies of traditional song are carried forth into the 21st century popular realm of folk music - acoustic and electric instruments and groups of singers, as well as touches of synth and the power of rocking roll!

In support of this worthy endeavor, Alasdair and band will be performing throughout the UK and Ireland, materializing a robust form of not only this new album but powerful pieces of many others in his catalog. The show takes to the road beginning February 23rd at Cafe Oto, and suffice to say, this couldn't come soon enough for the people of today, who are starved for edification and amusement alike. Alasdair and band intend to bring it all. Pass the music ever forward and join the group at the following dates.

PS: Alasdair Roberts will be performing on The Quay Sessions at BBC Scotland on Thursday, February 16th. Tune in!



23rd LONDON Cafe Oto
24th READING South Street Arts Centre
25th BARTON-ON-HUMBER Ropery Hall
26th COLCHESTER Arts Centre
27th NEWCASTLE Cumberland Arts 
1st EDINBURGH House Concert
2nd GLASGOW The Glad Cafe
5th PRESTON The Continental
15th COVENTRY Warwick Arts Centre
16th HEREFORD The Courtyard
17th CARMATHEN  The Parot
23rd STROUD Prince Albert *
24th BODMIN Folk Club *

All gigs trio (Alasdair with Stevie Jones and Alex Neilson) except * - solo.

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