posted June 1st, 2017

Back from the dead again, Papa M has a new video for one of last fall's Highway Songs to remind us of the tumult and triumph found in those rare grooves. If you can recall all the way to last year (we can't),  Highway Songs heaved contradictions and curveballs right at our ears, exploding like  electric magma while exploring  intrinsic moments of existence via an audio-diary vérité. An episodic shot to the heart (through the best way to Papa M's heart, the guts), delivered with reserve and great brevity, Highway Songs was pitched as David Pajo's triumphant return to larger-than-life sounds and one-man-band 'metal-up-your-ass'-iffge. But Highway Songs was/is so much more than that.

Take "DLVD", which is nestled with sweet frailty in the center of the album. Papa M has the ability to take a microcosmic moment in time and expand it to the size of the universal. "DLVD" is raw and austere; just a man and his guitar. Poignant and clear, it's the sounds you hear when the sky breaks with shards of sun after a rainstorm. This warm, tender embrace of absolute purity is reflected in visuals created by Arturo Bastón in the music video for "DLVD". Bastón's fragmented fever dream of sincere love and affection showcases Papa M at his most candid---watch below!


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