posted July 21st, 2017

Everybody feels they have a mission - David Grubbs' mission for the last 30 odd years has been to explore and exploit the potential of the guitar and song structure via hardcore, punk, post-punk and post-rock, both solo and with outfits as varied as Squirrel Bait, Bastro, and Gastr Del Sol. Grubbs is constantly moving and a massive collaborator as well; his current mission takes him overseas to Japan, where he's got a string of dates playing solo and in collaboration with Taku Unami. This mission sounds pretty reasonable, but it's a precursor to the release of his forthcoming solo LP on Blue Chopsticks, which happens to be called Creep Mission! Creep Mission is full of guitar instrumentals bi-composed/improvised with collaborator Eli Kenzler on drums, also featuring Nate Wooley and Jan St. Werner. You're gonna dig it for its melancholy raga, sludge-rock, pointalistic electroacoustics and nylon string minatures all neatly packaged onto a single artifact - assuring you of this is our mission! Creep Mission is out September 22nd but you can preorder it here - and if you're lucky enough to be in Japan in early August, you have a mission, too: go see David Grubbs!

8/4/17 at Give Me a Little More in Matsumoto, Japan
8/5/17 at Parlwr in Nagoya, Japan
8/6/17 at Tokias in Tsuruga, Japan
8/9/17 at Soto in Kyoto, Japan
8/10/17 at Kichimu in Tokyo, Japan

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