posted September 12th, 2017

After the thousand days and nights since their last album, Chills on Glass, Dead Rider had to overcome the creeping suggestion that they multitask themselves to sleep - or to premature brain death - whichever came first! And thank gawd, too, because that means we've got a new rippin' album to dig: Crew Licks is hot on our tails! Right on top of it's September 22nd release, Dead Rider will bring the chopped-n-screwed skronk, acid-drenched guitar licks and lode-bearing beats on the road, direct to you and your crew, traveling all over the goddamn US of A to teach the kids a thing or two about rock n roll. Beginning in their Midwestern stomping grounds and emanating outwards, the Dead Rider Crew will head West, East and South...hitting up 19 different states and traversing a whole bunch more, crop dusting Crew Licks across every major highway between gigs. Get out to the show in your town, or hell, take a trip to a new city to witness the experience Dead Rider provides. Rest assured, it'll be a wild ride... We recommend bringing a helmet - like the drummer wears in their video for "The Ideal," below!


9/21 at The Frequency in Madison, WI
9/23 at Beat Kitchen in Chicago, IL
9/29 at Rozz Tox in Rock Island, IL
9/30 at Records Bar in Kansas City, MO
10/1 at Lost Lake in Denver, CO
10/2 at Urban Lounge in Salt Lake City, UT
10/3 at Neurolox in Boise, ID
10/4 at Barboza in Seattle, WA
10/5 at Mississippi Studios in Portland, OR
10/6 at Hemlock Tavern in San Fransciso, CA
10/7 at Resident in Los Angeles, CA
10/8 at Club Congress in Tuscon, AZ
10/10 at Barracuda in Austin, Texas
10/11 at Walter's in Houston, Texas
10/12 at Double Wide in Dallas, Texas
10/13 at Low Key Arts in Hot Springs, AR
10/14 at Pilot Light in Knoxville, TN
10/15 at Neptune's in Raleigh, NC
10/16 at DC9 in Washington, DC
10/18 at Machines with Magnets in Providence, RI
10/19 at Alphaville in Brooklyn, NY
10/20 at Howlers in Pittsburgh, PA
10/21 at Schlafly Tap Room in St Louis, MO


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