posted October 30th, 2017

Bill MacKay & Ryley Walker are out on the road, playing their way from town to town. "Stretching My Dollar In Plano" is a dusty, sonic evocation of the slow waltz across Texas, but the video? Plano's a very long way from LA, and it usually seem that most places are -that's why we have an inescapable Shangri-La-cum-Val-Halla-type of dream that we reflect upon when considering that faraway angel city. There's even a time that being in LA can seems as expansive as a dream (and no, we're not talking about 4:20). What we dream is merely an alternate phrasing of our active reality. And so, as Bill and Ryley pick and cap away, the visuals of Marc Riordan suggest an impressionist narrative, mixing the stark, the singular, and the montage, bringing us - if only for a precious 3:07 - together on a solo voyage - our many selves cascading forth through sun and shadow, sea and city, through eyes and times, the past and tomorrow - the epic pools of being that we tramp though so mindlessly every day.

Take a pause with Walker and MacKay - "Stretching My Dollar In Plano"! Watch now:


11/4/17  @ Forest Hills Lodge in Rockford, IL
11/24/17 @ Rozz-Tox in Rock Island, IL
12/22/17 @The Hideout in Chicago, IL
1/20/18 @ Lincoln Hall in Chicago, IL


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