posted November 16th, 2017

It's almost two-thousand-fucking-eighteen and Royal Trux are still headlining gigs across the US and Europe. What have any of us done lately? Other than see the Royal Trux at one of their headlining gigs across the US and Europe that is! You can't blame us for our priorities - whenever you say, "Royal Trux's longtime status as deconstructionist art project and a heady purveyor of lo-fi Rolling Stones' worshiping blues rock with an avant-garde bent has lead them through an illustrious career... " you had us at Royal!  Neil and Jennifer have deftly re-imagined various hallowed eras of rock and roll through Miles Davis's distinctive Bitches Brew approach to songwriting: throwing "everything in the pot whether you like it or not" - and this uncompromising aesthetic has led to their profile as innovators, all phases of which continue to still turn heads even after all this years.  

But this year is the only one you should be concerned about and there's just a precious few nights of it remaining! Circle this on the calendar for sure -on December 8th, Royal Trux will be in Miami with a headlining spot at Look Alive Fest! Get ready to head south in a hurry - with Royal Trux.

Friday, 12/8 in Miami, FL at Look Alive Fest
Friday, 12/19 in Brooklyn, NY at Market Hotel

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